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About Discover Early Childhood EDU

Discover Early Childhood EDU is the premium guide to all things related to early childhood education (ECE). Look no further to find absolutely everything you wish to learn about a career in ECE. You will find details on what you can expect on a daily basis as a professional educator in a number of positions, such as a preschool teacher or a high-level administrator. You will even find information about some of the best schools in each state for an early childhood education degree.

At Discover Early Childhood EDU, we set ourselves apart from the rest to make your research as easy as possible with as much pertinent information as possible. Each guide is divided into states with detailed information about education requirements, certifications, pay expectations, and long-term job outlooks and more for each state. Everything is perfectly organized and broken down into easily digestible text and easy-to-follow charts.

What We Do

We are an independent resource for prospective educators seeking long-term employment in any number of education positions. We provide an unbiased perspective on career prospects, career information, educational opportunities, the existing health of the education system within a state and much more. The site is updated regularly to ensure information remains current and relevant to your needs. We also work hard to listen to our visitors so that we provide information deemed most important and useful to you. If you want more information about colleges and universities, potential career paths, or employer information just let us know.


What type of information do you provide?

We provide as much all-around information as possible to help you in your quest to become an early childhood educator and to advance your career. The site breaks down the different types of degrees you can complete and the types of jobs for which you will qualify with each degree you complete. You will find information about financial aid and scholarships, the types of degrees you can pursue for the best chances of employment, and the many different job titles at various levels you can achieve throughout your career working with children.

Do you provide state-specific information?

Yes, you will find complete guides for each state. It is highly important to consider that each state has different education and qualification expectations for their teachers and educators. In some states, you might find an entry-level job with a basic ECE certificate; whereas, in other states, you will require a bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position. States also have varying salaries and some states pay significantly more than others. Each one of our state pages has unique information that is highly relevant to your educational path and prospective employment opportunities.

What other types of information do you provide?

We also provide tools and resources for you to establish an effective and successful career plan. We provide a teacher survival guide to help you teach more successfully and to find new and creative ways to reach all kids in your care. You might even find some comic relief and teaching hacks to save money and ways to entertain and engage the kids. On the site, we also provide invaluable links to various tools and resources to improve your effectiveness as a teacher and you will find detailed salary data and career outlooks so that you know the best states and employer types to make the most money or to find the most rewarding careers.

Does your website cost us money?

No, the cost of the website is entirely absorbed by us. We believe in providing a valuable service to prospective teachers and the educator community without cost to you. Our goal is to make this a free resource to new teachers looking for information on career paths and potential income levels based on job choices.

Where does your information come from?

We work diligently to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information. We use only reputable and trusted sources, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Center for Education Statistics, and Payscale. The sources of our information are of the utmost importance to us so that we provide you with the most accurate information. For state information, we use national and state government websites. And we gather information directly from a wide variety of colleges and universities. You do not have to worry about fake information or the use of sources without accurate data as you explore our pages for information pertaining to your ECE career.

How often is your website updated?

The website is updated with relative frequency in an effort to ensure the site information remains as current as possible. It will not be updated daily; however, it will be updated every year or more depending upon whether or not new industry regulations are implemented, or any major changes are made to the profession. If you find any information that is out of date or if you have recommendations for additional information to include, please contact us at support@discoverearlychildhoodedu.org.

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Thank you for choosing Discover Early Childhood EDU for all your teacher preparation needs. We aim to provide a well-rounded and in-depth source of information that you can use at every step of your educational journey. You can use our tools and resources to find the right school and scholarships and financial aid to help pay for it. The site will also provide you with educational degree, certification, and licensure requirements for teachers in each state. You can then read about the job outlook for each position and each state so that you keep on track for long-term growth opportunities within the field of early childhood education.

We understand that we cannot possibly think of everything you might find interesting or relevant. If you find the site is lacking in any area or is missing information on topics that are important to you or other educators or students, please reach out and let us know how we can help make your life easier by including that information all in one location.