August 22, 2019

Lev Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory

Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky developed the Social Development Theory at about the same time Jean Piaget developed his Theory of Cognitive Development. Vygotsky died when he was just 37, which was at least partially responsible for his Social Development Theory […]
August 6, 2019

Applying Piaget’s Stages of Development in the Classroom

Jean Piaget proposed four stages of cognitive development. These stages help teachers assess and best serve students in the classroom. That is, if we can discern that a student is significantly over or under-developed with regard…
August 1, 2019

Philosophically Alternative Classroom Teaching Methods

While most public schooling programs follow the same style of teaching and trust in the same learning theories, there are alternative options for schooling which focus on slightly different styles of teaching and learning. These programs focus on children’s social […]
July 22, 2019

Why Teachers Need Enthusiasm

The teaching profession requires that teachers wear many hats. They must be an instructor, friend, social worker, police person, guidance counselor, and cheerleader. Through that all, they also need to have enthusiasm. Many would wonder why that matters. Does it […]
April 2, 2019

Teacher Survival Guide – Typical Challenges and Possible Solutions

What to Expect and Help Survive a Career as a Teacher What Does the First Year Teaching Look Like? Some surprising statistics show that a large number of teachers leave the profession during the first year. The trend drops off […]
March 4, 2019

A New Resource for Aspiring Early Childhood Education Teachers

Discover Early Childhood is a new teaching website geared toward providing prospective teachers the information and resources to plan their future career as an early childhood educator. Teachers are like the second guardians of children. They are responsible for shaping the […]